Havelock island named as Swaraj island on December 30, 2018, by Prime minister Narendra Modi is the largest among the chain of islands in the east Andaman islands. The name of the island is a tribute to Subhash Chandra Bose.

The island consists of mainly Bengali settlers. The island links by a local bus connecting jetty and villages on the hourly circuit. Private cruises and helicopters are available from Port Blair city. It's easy to find luxury resorts in Havelock while you head out to visit the best places in Havelock.


The silky white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water and verdurous forest can give you a slight peek into the beach life at Havelock, but it's fascinating when you visit it. Get your vitamin sea or vitamin D on the beaches at the famous Radhangar and Vijaynagar beach that has no shortage of beauty at its place. The sunsets and sunrise are breathtaking and will give you a glimpse of the paradise. Watch the morning and evenings at the pristine shores of elephant beach and Kalapather beach on which a long walk along the stretch of beach is the best way to explore it. Several best hotels in Havelock lie alongside the periphery of the beach.


Dive into the water and get acquainted with the precious marine life of the sea. Around 9130 species documented and 1032 species found nowhere else on the earth, the island gives a glimpse of natural wildlife in Andaman. The tropical evergreen forests are home to endemic reptiles, amphibians, green sea turtles and countless others. Scuba diving below the azure waters gives a stunning view of the coral reefs, the woods of the ocean and marine life. Many most beautiful Resorts in Havelock help their tourists get into the water sports. The island is also the best spot for snorkelling in the blue lagoon.

The best season to visit the Havelock or the Swaraj island is from autumn to the winter months. Spring offers the best season for scuba diving. Get a good breakfast among the finest resorts in Havelock, take your picnic baskets and head out to one of the beaches for the sun baths and swimming. Enjoy the seafood at the silver beaches and enjoy the moment because this will be a memory for a lifetime.